365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 109: What To Do When You Feel Negative


It is Christmas Day and most people celebrating Christmas had a good time today with family and friends, sharing gifts and food and love. Holidays bring people together and provide ample opportunities for true connection and deep healing to take place. And this is precisely why holidays can also be challenging and painful for some people. Family gatherings are a time of celebration but they also bring the surface things that are not healed; they open wounds and generate tears. People feel hurt, they get angry and end up fighting each other on the very day that all they desire is to connect and celebrate together.  It makes sense that this happens: during the holidays people get together, have some time off, relax a little, start talking to each other, eat and drink together; that togetherness creates an opportunity for things that are painful and not yet healed to come to the surface.

So when you start to feel negativity building up inside you during the holiday time or at any other time, there is something you can do immediately to dissipate it. Do the exact opposite: do something positive! Go against the grain of what you feel: if you feel angry, find something to be thankful for; if you feel judgmental, look at that person with fresh new eyes, find something to appreciate about them and go share it with them; if you feel hurt, choose to remain open and don’t close up like you would have done in the past. Whatever negative feeling starts to creep up, dismantle it by choosing to feel,  do and say something positive. By doing so you make the choice to heal, to let go of past hurts, to release fear and blame, to become free of your past. It is powerful and an extraordinary gift you can give yourself.

The same way a single candle lit in a dark room dissipates the darkness, your one positive thought, word or deed dismantles negativity. Healing can start to take place. That is what holidays are for: opportunities for us to get together, heal what hurts, find and offer support, get closer, find ways to appreciate each other just the way we are and move beyond fear and pain.

Feeling something negative? Go and do something positive. Right now.



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