365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 107: Are You Giving It Your All?


Tonight I sat in front of my computer, ready to write my next entry and I started to relax (as I always do before I write my posts), because I trust the process of writing  my 365 days gratitude blog. As I sat quietly for a few moments, allowing inspiration to kick in, I realized that one of the reasons why life flows with grace and ease for me is because I am giving it my all, in every single moment.

What I want to share with you is this: one of the most powerful and effective ways to shift a situation, to change an outcome and to create what you truly desire is to acknowledge and appreciate what you are living right now; even when what you are going through in the moment is challenging, hurtful, hard or disheartening. If you are giving it your all, you are saying yes to life, you are appreciating that life has ups and down and most of all, you are committing yourself to living fully, authentically, without holding back, without laying blame, without feeling trapped.

In this very moment ask yourself: are you giving it your all? Are you fully present, are you acknowledging what is without fear, without judgment, without blame?

Just ask yourself these questions and allow the answers to come to you. Breathe. Ask. Allow. Hear the answers.

I will come back with more tomorrow.



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