365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 99: River Deep, Mountain High


Yesterday I watched Celine Dion on YouTube. Her 2012 Las Vegas performance of “River Deep, Mountain High” made me want to go and watch Tina Turner perform the original song with Ike Turner, in 1966. The links here will allow you to watch them too. I think you will enjoy their voices and that you will be inspired by their inner power.

River Deep, Mountain High.

These words and the lives of Celine Dion and Tina Turner speak of the deepest lows and the most incredible highs of the human experience. I am moved by the triumph over adversity and the success they both created in their lives.

As I allowed myself to be transported from deep rivers to high mountains through their extraordinary voices, my mind linked the experience to a book called “Peaks and Valleys” by Spencer Johnson M.D. It is a book that I recommend you read, because it will teach you important things about life, things that were not and are not taught in school. I wish they were and I believe that one day they will.

“The purpose of the Peak is to celebrate life, and the purpose of the Valley is to learn about life.”

I wish that I was taught in grade one that Peaks are the moments when I appreciate what I have and the Valleys are the moments when I long for what I am missing. My life would have been easier and would have had less strife had I known about these peaks and valleys from very early on. But, I am grateful that I know now about them now.

“Peaks and valleys are connected. The errors you make in today’s good times create tomorrow’s bad times. And the wise things you do in today’s bad times create tomorrow’s good times.”

Powerful book. Buy it and read it. Give yourself this gift for Christmas this year.



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