365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 95: What Inspires Me


This post is dedicated to Claudia Zelazny and Scott Herrera who founded and run The Legacy Performance and Wellness Center in Dallas, Texas.

I am inspired by people who have big and powerful dreams and who move step after step after step in that direction; people who do not stop until they make their dreams a reality. They encounter some hardship and even get discouraged sometimes, but then they realize that these events are there to serve them; to redirect them and help them on slightly different paths that will lead them closer to what they want, so that they CAN achieve their dreams.

You see, I believe that setbacks do not really exist. There are no real setting back situations, because at their core they are opportunities for realignment. If you view them as such, you understand how much closer the so called setbacks brought you to where you dreamed to be.

Do you have a dream? Do you have a BIG dream? I want to challenge you to dream and dream big! Your life will start to change the very moment you send out  your powerful desire into the Universe. Don’t hold back. Dream fully, whole-heartedly. And then start moving in that direction. It does not matter that you do not know how it will unfold. What matters is that you have taken the very first step. You will be supported and helped along the way in ways that will surprise you and uplift you.

The ripples of your transformation will reach many people in many different ways. You will become an inspiration for them so that they will be courageous and dream big.

So dream. Dare. Reach very high. And then, reach higher!




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