365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 94: Nobody Wanted Me On Their Team


It is true! When I was a child I played baseball at school, but my class mates, more physically fit and definitely more competitive than me did not want me on their teams. Frankly, for the other kids who loved the game and loved to win, I was a liability not an asset. I was clumsy and a very slow runner and I did not care if my team lost or won. See what I mean? Who would want such a team-mate?

The awkwardness in my movements came from the misalignment of my ankles and my hips; running and playing sports felt like a huge effort to me, physically hard and unpleasant. I have since then corrected the alignment problems in my legs and lower back, I have a strong, flexible and very healthy body. I love to move and feel the freedom and the knowledge that I have physically achieved. Learning how to heal my body provided me with first hand information that became a powerful asset in my work. I enjoy living in my body and find a lot of pleasure in movement and intelligent exercise methods.

But I did not however, become any more competitive than I was back then, when I was a kid in school. I don’t play any games and I am not involved in sports, but if I did I would still not care if I won or lost. I guess I am missing the competitive gene.

Without the drive to be better than someone else, I decided many years ago that the only thing to do was be the best that I could be in every single moment.

It is working for me.




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