365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 92: Do You Feel Ease And Flow Or Do You Feel Struggle?


Here’s something that most people do:

  • When they have periods of time when work is very demanding and keeps them very busy for more hours a day than they are used to, they complain about how busy they are and they dream about time off, holidays and less work.

And then….

  • When they are not really busy, business is slower or they finally have some time off, they are worried that they are not making money while on vacation or that they must do something so that business can pick up again.

Now, do you see where the trouble lies? Do you see why they struggle instead of feeling at ease?  They do one thing wishing they could do the other; and when the other thing is the reality, they worry and dream of the first one. It’s all done in a crazy, stress creating reversed order!

Of course, I used to do the same thing, that is how I know about it. But one day, when I was really busy, I witnessed my mind wanting to go on vacation and I said to myself: “Wait a minute here! If you keep thinking like this everything will be harder and it will feel like a struggle.  So why don’t you just reverse it? Enjoy the busy time and be grateful that business is going well. And then, when time off comes or business rolls at a slower pace, be grateful that you have more time for yourself and go enjoy the free time.”

Well, I have to tell you that switching my thinking to match the reality of the moment freed me up! I am happy when I am busy and enjoy all the aspects of a busy period because I know that a more leisurely time will follow. And then I enjoy that time fully and wholeheartedly because I now trust that this is a rhythm; the rhythm of life. I trust that if I am aligned and authentic, I know what feels right for me and what does not and I am willing to make the necessary changes.

I am inviting you to start appreciating today just as it is and make the most of it, just as it is, because everyday is unique and it will never come back. Be present and grateful even when your day is hard and challenging, even when you feel struggle and pain. The more you do so, the more you will flow with life and the more ease you will feel.




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