365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 55: Emotional Cleansing Part 3


Hello! I think the Emotional Cleansing series will be a long one because I have so much to share with you about feeling your emotions fully and releasing them fully and how important this is for your health. You must tend to your INNER emotional environment, because your life is your creation.

Our world is at a great moment of expansion. More and more physicians and scientists are aligning their beliefs and practices with the latest scientific discoveries: thoughts, emotions, intentions and feelings affect the physical body as much as, if not even more, than the foods and liquids ingested, the amount and quality of sleep and the levels of physical activity achieved.

You create your external world with your thoughts and feelings first, because your actions reflect how you feel and what you think.

You think, you feel, you act, you react… these processes create trails in our emotional system.The physical responses to your many emotions vary from well-being to distress, from tightness to release, from inner chemical balance to distortion, from proper organ function to impeded organ function. Every cell responds to your emotional state.

The late Dr. Candace Pert Ph. D. says in her remarkable book “Molecules of Emotion” in Chapter 13 entitled “Truth”:

“The tendency to ignore our emotions is old-think, a remnant of the still-reigning paradigm that keeps us focused on the material level of health, the physicality of it. But the emotions are a key element in self- care because they allow us to enter into the body-mind conversation. By getting in touch with our emotions, both by listening to them and directing them through the psychosomatic network, we gain access to the healing wisdom that is everyone’s natural biological right.

And how do we do this? First by acknowledging and claiming our feelings, not just the so-called positive ones. Anger, grief, fear – these emotional experiences are not negative in themselves; in fact, they are vital for our survival. We need anger to define boundaries, grief to deal with our loses, and fear to protect ourselves from danger. It’s only when these feelings are denied, so that they cannot be easily and rapidly processed through the system and released, that the situation becomes toxic, as discussed earlier. And the more we deny them, the greater the ultimate toxicity, which often takes the form of an explosive release of a pent-up emotion. That’s when emotion can be damaging to oneself and others, because its expression becomes overwhelming, sometimes even violent.

So my advice is to express all of your feelings, regardless of whether you think they are acceptable, and then let them go. Buddhists understand this when they talk about non-grasping, or non-attachment to experience. By letting all emotions having their natural release, the “bad” ones are transformed to “good” ones, and, in Buddhist terms, we are then liberated from suffering. When your emotions are moving and your chemicals flowing, you will experience feelings of freedom, hopefulness, joy, because you are in a healthy, “whole” state.”

This is profound. Read it again and again. We’ll continue tomorrow.




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