365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 54: Emotional Cleansing Part 2


Yesterday I explained how emotions that are left uncleared and unresolved create residues that remain in your body for days, weeks, months or years, until you fully release them.

Now you might wonder “How do I know if there are any emotional residues within me?”

Here’s how you find out: tune in with yourself for a second and think of an emotionally challenging situation that happened a while ago. It can be anything: a fight with a loved one, the death of a loved pet, loosing your job, feeling betrayed by a lover or a friend, knowing that you betrayed someone’s trust, failing an exam, something you feel ashamed of. What do you feel right now while remembering this event? Can you still feel an emotional charge when you think about it, or you are just neutral with respect to it?

Are you still feeling now what you felt back then? If you do, then that is the uncleared emotional residue.

Your general, overall sense of fulfillment, well-being, ease and joy depends upon the level of emotional debris that you have been carrying around with you for months or even years.

The cleaner your internal emotional scenery is, the better you feel.

If in this very moment you do not feel good about yourself and your past or current circumstances, you will benefit tremendously from an emotional cleanse.

You clean you home, car and office, you take baths and showers to cleanse your body, you workout and sweat to release toxins and you follow dietary cleansing protocols. However, you neglect your emotional cleanliness. Why? It is very simple: because you were not taught about its importance in your life and about its effects on your health.

Below are only a few of the benefits of emotional cleansing programs and daily routines. By tending to your inner emotional health, your whole life will improve.

You will feel:

  • More YOURSELF than ever before
  • More balanced and calmer
  • A sense of renewed energy and joy of life
  • Energized and refreshed
  • Free and clear minded
  • More accepting of yourself, others and the events in your life
  • Understanding that there are things you can change and what to do about the things beyond your control
  • Compassionate towards yourself and others

So, what do you think? Are you ready for a cleanse?




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