365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 50: Angry with Somebody Else?


Today I am grateful for the understanding that I am the only creator of my life and the freedom that comes from releasing blame. I want you to fully let go of past hurt, anger and blame and feel the amount of inner power that comes from this healing.

In yesterday’s post I wrote that when anger comes up from somewhere deep inside yourself, there are two options:

1. You are angry with SOMEBODY ELSE for something they did or did not do

2. You are angry with YOURSELF for something you did or did not do

Today let’s look at OPTION 1: You are angry with SOMEBODY ELSE.

First of all, I want you to understand that nobody else has the power to create YOUR life, but you. Not your parents, not your spouse/partner, not your job, not your bank account, not your friends or relatives; you are the sole creator of your experience. When you feel confused and being pulled in several directions it is because you do not fully understand yet that only YOU have the capacity to create your life as you desire it to be.

YOU are the only creator of your life and you are responsible for YOUR happiness ONLY. If you take care of your well-being, fulfillment and happiness first, you empower others to do the same; you will always have the resources to assist others, to offer help from your heart and to make a difference.

You are NOT responsible for making others happy, or behave in ways that they agree with or approve of.

Your efforts must be directed towards your authenticity: saying what you are feeling, and acting in ways that RESPECT AND HONOR WHO YOU ARE. There is nothing bad or wrong with what you feel, it is just a signal that some adjustments needs to be done by you, in your life, in order to restore or create your well-being. There are no labels for what you feel. It is not good or bad, it just is what it this in the moment.

What matters is what you CHOOSE to do about what you are feeling.

With this understanding, let’s go back to your being angry with somebody else. Since you are the only person capable of shaping YOUR life, why are you REALLY angry with them? You expected them to please you or at least meet you half way. You laid a large burden on their shoulders to behave a certain way and when things got hard, you felt hurt.

You had expectations of them and you got angry when THEY could not live up to YOUR expectation of what they were supposed to do. All along, you were the only one responsible for making it better, for changing it, for standing up for yourself and for standing behind yourself.

Buddha said:

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”

Let go of the hot coal! The other person does not feel its intense heat, YOU ARE GETTING BURNED BY IT.

You are making others responsible for making it better, or keeping others responsible for having made it so hard for you, when they are not.

YOU are creating YOUR LIFE and they are creating theirs. Others may or may not meet you half way.

By choosing to remain angry, you keep giving away your strength and life force.

Open your hand, let go of the hot coal and heal.




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