365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 32: The Sacred Form™


I want to share with you my understanding of the human experience, which I call the Sacred Form™; I am grateful for this concept because it allowed me to become free of old misconceptions and many limiting beliefs. I am also grateful because this understanding came to me in a fraction of a second and completely changed my life. If you are wondering about the trademark sign: my lawyer said I must use the trademark TM every time I use this term because the trademark belongs to me. I feel very strongly about this concept. WE are SACRED and our experience on Earth is sacred.

Today, as our world is shaken by major events, we may be feeling afraid, confused or powerless. And that is exactly why we must make a pact with ourselves to start trusting our inner guidance, regain the true sense of self and allow our clarity, wisdom, and strength to return. We must remember that we are Sacred Forms™.

THE SACRED FORM™ is the fully integrated human being, as a Universal Being having a physical manifestation in the body and the roots in the Universal Power/Spirit/God/Universal Consciousness.


  • Physical:      body
  • Emotional:   chemical/binary reactions
  • Energetic:    aura/magnetic field
  • Mental:         thought/mind
  • Spiritual:       soul/direct link to the  Universal Power

Most people live only in two or three of their aspects/levels, leading lives that are un-fulfilling and ridden with internal and external struggles. For example, some people are not yet aware of their spiritual aspect or of their energetic aspect or both. Some people ignore their emotions and rely solely on their minds and physical bodies.

If we acknowledge and integrate all the aspects of who we are, we become Sacred Forms™ with all five levels or layers in balance within themselves, fully and freely interconnected and functioning like the facets of a very clear crystal.

BALANCE is achieved when we start LIVING IN THE SACRED FORM™. When all the five layers are in balance with each other and fully interconnected, we are in a state of health, ease, well-being and high vibration. Being in balance will allow us to co-create our lives and environments from the understanding that we are all interconnected. THIS IS the return to the Universal Flow for each one of us as individuals and through us for humanity.

The human body as part of the Sacred Form™ is both teacher and student and, if respected and acknowledged, will naturally lean towards balance. At peace in a joyful and free body, our minds and hearts can create a better environment for ourselves and for humanity.

I know that this might be a lot to take in, but allow it to penetrate your awareness and let me know what you think.



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