365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 31: The Gift


Today I was thinking about a wonderful gift that we are able to offer each other: the gift of facilitation. I am grateful for being a catalyst for others and I am grateful to all the people who were my catalysts. There is something very powerful in acting as a facilitator, a spark, a channel, a vehicle for someone else’s change or transformation.

I have so many examples to give you but I will limit myself to only two today: one of someone acting as a catalyst for me and one of me being a catalyst for somebody else.

My friend Melissa Bierstock inspired this blog by sending me the challenge to commit to eight days of gratitude; she did not know that I would commit to 365 of daily posts, but I did. She was the spark. I could have ignored the inner prompting to start this journey, but I did not. She presented me with an opportunity to expand and take on something that is transformative for me. Melissa was my catalyst, my spark and I grateful to her for presenting me with this wonderful opportunity to be more me than ever before, to come out of hiding and to share with you every day.

The second example is of a different nature. I am still deeply moved by this event, even though it took place many years ago. I am grateful because I listened to my inner guidance and called my friend that day; he battled serious depression at the time. We were not really close, but we developed a friendship that allowed us to write to each other and share thoughts and ideas.We were exchanging emails every now and then to stay in touch and catch up. One day I woke up and my first thought was about my friend. I had this uneasy feeling, a certain urgency to see how he was doing. It was really early in the morning and I had a couple of clients to work with, but the feeling stayed with me and became more and more intense. So I called him; he picked up.

I am getting chills as I am writing this: he told me that he had been in darkness, literally and metaphorically, for a few days and that his depression was getting the best of him. We talked for a while, I stayed open and listened to him. He felt a little better so we hung up. Later that day he emailed to thank me and tell me that he was contemplating suicide when I called; after we talked, he called his psychiatrist  to get help.

My eyes are filling up with tears right now, because I listened to my inner feeling and called him that day. My friend has been doing well for many years; I am not responsible for him getting the help he needed, but I was present enough to ease his path to feeling better.

Paying attention and listening to our inner guidance allows us to gift others with life-changing moments.

If you ever have a gut feeling to call someone, or to do something for someone else or for yourself, just DO IT! Do not wait, do not analyze, just listen to how you feel. It might change a life!




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