365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 23: Hearts Broken Open


Today’s post is about love, more specifically about the ever-expanding capacity we have for love.

All of us have had the experience of what we like to call a “broken heart”. The truth is that nothing gets broken; we feel pain and grief and sorrow, but what we actually experience is the dismantling of a shell that cannot contain our increasing capacity for love. I believe that every time our hearts “get broken” we have the extraordinary opportunity to expand, to grow, to become softer, more understanding, more compassionate, more open. This is the extraordinary gift that lies in a broken heart, but it is entirely up to us grab it and choose to expand rather than contract, close up and refuse to love again.

Love is not conditional, it is not small, it does not need to be managed. When we allow ourselves to love freely and fully, we vibrate a high, pure healing energy that enlightens and heals us and everyone around us.

Now you may ask: but how about romantic love when we love someone but we are not loved back? This does happen sometimes, as we know, but I want to tell you that your love is YOURS and it expands YOU!

Our true nature is to be open-hearted, but through the process of being born and living in our society we learned to be closed up and share our love in small, controlled, conditional portions. We have the capacity to love everyone around us, fully and unconditionally, including the people who might not love us back. So let’s go ahead and love anyway, because the more we do, the more we heal and the more authentic be become.

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