365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 17: My Body (part 2)

Say yes. Then learn how to do it later!RUCSANDRA's PICTURE

My body is healthy, free, strong and moving well; I live a good life in my body. But that is not how it started out. I was a clumsy child, with poor posture and hyper-extended knees. I hated gym class, and did everything I could to avoid it. Running was difficult and felt like a punishment, climbing up on things and ropes felt like climbing Himalaya, and since I had no interest in the spirit of competition, I did not like any games, such as handball or volleyball. Due to a wrong start with swimming classes, which deserves to be a post on its own, I hated going to the pool too. I was uncoordinated and felt like bunch of sticks put together with hard wire. And on top of everything, I sprained my ankles over and over, throughout my childhood and teenage years. I remember once I jumped to see over a fence and I sprained my knee! My ankles and knees were always inflamed, red, painful. Life was not fun in my body at that age.

So how did I manage to get from all that to where I am today in my body and in my business? I owe it all to one phys ed teacher in university. A friend took me to an aerobics class one day. Not quite the Jane Fonda style, but the teacher understood the body and taught in a fun way; I got hooked and for 5 years I went to my classes, three or four times a week, through heat, snow storm or rain. Consistency is key: I kept at it and started to learn how to move better, stretch more and get stronger.

My teacher’s first name was Mihaela and I am sorry I do not remember her last name. After about 3 years into my aerobics experience with her, she asked me if I was interested in subbing her classes while she went on a two weeks vacation. I was quite shocked that she would ask me: the clumsy, inflexible 20 something years old, but I did take the challenge. Sir Richard Branson says: ” If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!”. And so I did.

I am grateful to Mihaela for seeing something in me that I did not know that I had and for creating the opportunities for me to grow in the direction that would take me to where I am today. When she came back from her vacation, she found me a job as an aerobics instructor at a health club in Bucharest, where I worked until I moved to Canada.

Mihaela: THANK YOU!


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