365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – DAY 16: Not Giving Up


This month marks the 12th Anniversary of Mitrea Wellness Centre. Twenty years ago, even before moving from Romania to Toronto, I had a dream about creating a centre that would provide the most remarkable services and care, that would be a sanctuary for healing the body, clearing the mind, and moving forward in life with joy. At the time I had no more knowledge than teaching aerobics and stretching classes (Romanian style, which was more self-taught then studied). But I could see this centre in my mind and I could feel the healing that it would provide to hundreds and hundreds of people. All I knew was that I wanted to be of service to others and to show them how wonderful life can be in their bodies and their inner selves, even though at the time I did not know how to create the very same things in myself. This is how it all started: with a dream, with a strong desire to do more, be more and help people. Today Mitrea Wellness Centre is at the forefront of preventative care, therapeutic exercise and lifestyle and emotional coaching.

I did stay on track and did not give up. And let me tell you, I did want to give up and close my business quite a few times throughout the years. Things were really challenging from different perspectives more times than one, but something made me remain open and move beyond the difficulties that arise while running a business.  I kept studying and studying, working and working, studying some more and improving my skills all the time; and I also kept working on myself, on my emotional/mental/physical/energetic/spiritual self. I asked for help when I needed it and I continued to run this business that asked so much of me, in all the aspects of my life.

I am grateful because the work I do transforms the lives of my clients. I am grateful because I had a dream and I did not give it up when things became tough. Achieving my dream required all of myself, all the time and because of it all, I grew. Because of it all I am more myself now than I was when I was dreaming my dream.



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