Rucsandra Mitrea

My mission is to empower everyone to listen to their bodies and their souls in order to heal and to stand at the helm of their own lives.  Through my teaching and writing, I bring back long forgotten knowledge about our ability to heal which resides not in other people or in the outside world, but within us. My purpose is to change current patterns of thinking about the physical body and its powerful capacity to heal. I inspire everyone I meet to open up to their inner power and to the joy of confidently moving their bodies and following their hearts.” – Rucsandra Mitrea

Clients call Rucsandra the Body Whisperer because her MBM method for mind/body wellness and healing is so powerful.

After 20 years of continuous studies in movement modalities and therapies, anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, meditation and energy techniques, as well as in Somatherapy manual treatment, Rucsandra came to understand that her day to day work with her clients was based on the Universal laws that facilitate healing and vibrant health. She developed Mitrea Balance Model which can can be used as a core program in training and performing, healing and any time the physical body needs to be rebalanced.

Rucsandra is the owner and founder of the remarkable, innovative and leading edge Mitrea Wellness Centre. Her strong and unwavering belief in the capacity for growth and victory over perceived obstacles has helped many clients transform their lives.

She inspires everyone who comes to the centre to believe that transformation is just a few beliefs away and that a healthy and joyous life is one’s right. Her clients start to feel better about themselves, their bodies and their health and they are supported to follow through with the changes necessary for a healthy and joyous life.

She believes that we can expand in consciousness and grow in ways we never imagined. Her teaching method is the impetus through which students experience physical movement as an extension of their inner essence and learn about their own capacity for healing, well being, growth and expansion. Students feel effortlessly more alive!

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